Agriculture at a Crossroads_Global Report


A very comprehensive report on global agriculture.  Chapters:

  • Chapter 1 Context, Conceptual Framework and Sustainability Indicators
  • Chapter 2 Historical Analysis of the Effectiveness of AKST Systems in Promoting Innovation
  • Chapter 3 Impacts of AKST on Development and Sustainability Goals
  • Chapter 4 Outlook on Agricultural Changes and its Drivers
  • Chapter 5 Looking into the Future for Agriculture and AKST
  • Chapter 6 Options to Enhance the Impact of AKST on Development and Sustainability Goals
  • Chapter 7 Options for Enabling Policies and Regulatory Environments
  • Chapter 8 Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology: Investment and Economic Returns


The IAASTD is a three-year collaborative effort (2005 – 2007) that assessed agricultural knowledge, science, and technology in relation to meeting development and sustainability goals of:

Reducing hunger and poverty

Improving nutrition, health and rural livelihoods

Facilitating social and environmental sustainabilityThe project is a major global initiative, developed out of a consultative process involving 900 participants and 110 countries from all regions of the world.The IAASTD was launched as an intergovernmental process, with a multi-stakeholder Bureau, under the co-sponsorship of the FAO, GEF, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO, the World Bank and WHO.